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What ıs the best time to visit Alanya?

The best time to visit Alanya depends on your personal preferences and what you plan to do during your visit. Here’s a breakdown of the different seasons in Alanya to help you decide:

  1. Summer (June to August): Summer is the peak tourist season in Alanya. During this time, the weather is hot and sunny, with average temperatures ranging from 28°C (82°F) to 34°C (93°F). The sea is warm and ideal for swimming. However, it’s important to note that the city can be crowded, especially in July and August. If you enjoy vibrant beach scenes, lively nightlife, and a bustling atmosphere, summer might be the best time for you.
  • Spring (April to May) and Autumn (September to October): Spring and autumn are considered shoulder seasons in Alanya. The weather during these periods is pleasant, with temperatures ranging from 20°C (68°F) to 26°C (79°F). These seasons offer a good balance between comfortable temperatures and fewer crowds. It’s a great time for outdoor activities, exploring historical sites, and enjoying the beach with milder temperatures.
  • Winter (November to March): Winter in Alanya is mild compared to many other regions, but it can still be cooler, especially in December and January. Average daytime temperatures range from 14°C (57°F) to 18°C (64°F). Winter is the rainy season, and you can expect occasional showers. While it may not be suitable for beach activities, winter in Alanya can be appealing for those seeking a quieter atmosphere and lower prices. It’s also a good time for exploring indoor attractions and enjoying the city’s cultural offerings.

Considering these factors, the best time to visit Alanya would likely be in the shoulder seasons of spring (April to May) and autumn (September to October). The weather is pleasant, and the city is less crowded compared to the peak summer months. However, if you enjoy hot weather and a lively atmosphere, summer can also be a good choice.

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