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Services provided by our ELYSEE HOME agency:

– How to buy a property in Turkey?

Buying a property in Turkey through our agency ELYSEE HOME, based in Alanya, Turkey, gives you access to our services before and after the sale. Naturally, our aim is to foster professional and lasting relationships with all our clients. Secondly, we provide a continuous after-sales service with no time limits. So just so you understand, our pre-sales and after-sales services include:

– Our services include:

  • Beschaffung einer türkischen Steuernummer
  • Eröffnung eines lokalen Bankkontos
  • Immobilienbewertung
  • Übertragung der Grundbuchurkunde
  • Anwaltsservice
  • Immobilienversicherung
  • Strom-, Wasser- und Gasabonnements
  • Ausstattung Ihrer Immobilie bei Bedarf
  • Flughafentransfer
  • Der Verkauf Ihrer Immobilie

Liste unserer Dienstleistungen unten:

  • Ihre türkische Steuernummer

One of the first steps in buying a property in Turkey is to obtain the Tax Identification Number (its name: Vergi Numarası). Of course, ELYSEE HOME will take care of obtaining your tax number. So to do this, we will accompany you through this administrative procedure, which is fairly simple and quick.

  • Eröffnung eines Bankkontos in der Türkei

Buyers of property in Turkey must open a bank account in the country. Your account will then help you transfer money and pay future bills from abroad. Opening a bank account in Turkey is easy with the help of ELYSEE HOME.

  • Bericht zur Eigentumsbewertung

The property valuation report for the purchase of a property by a foreigner has been mandatory since 15.02.2019. So don’t worry, ELYSEE HOME will be responsible for drawing up this expert report which will determine the real price of the property you are planning to buy.

  • Beschaffung einer Grundbuchurkunde in der Türkei

Once you have signed the contract and purchased your property in Turkey, the next step is to obtain the TAPU (title deed). So, of course, ELYSEE HOME will be with you every step of the way and will assist you in preparing the necessary documents to obtain your title deed.

  • Die Unterstützung eines Anwalts

Wenn Sie die Unterstützung eines englischsprachigen Anwalts wünschen oder wenn Sie Beratung zu möglichen juristischen Dienstleistungen in der Türkei wünschen, wird unsere Immobilienagentur ELYSEE HOME Ihnen gerne in diesem Prozess behilflich sein.

  • Insurance after buying your property in Turkey

It is essential that you take out an insurance policy for your property. Of course, ELYSEE HOME can help you find the right home insurance. With our expert advice, you can be sure of getting the right insurance and we can direct you to the right insurers in and around Alanya.

  • Wasser-, Gas- und Stromdienstleistungen

Once you have purchased your property, ELYSEE HOME will help you to sign up for water, electricity and gas services. And you’ll find that it’s a simple procedure that only takes a few days.

  • Buying furniture for your property in Turkey

Our agency ELYSEE HOME can help you choose quality furniture suppliers and design your interior decoration. Thanks to our experience in this sector, we can suggest the best furniture suppliers in the region.

  • Flughafentransfer

ELYSEE HOME is here to make your transfer from the airport to your hotel as easy as possible. We take care of everything to simplify your arrival and departure. So don’t hesitate and contact us to plan your stay.

  • Verkauf Ihrer Immobilie in der Türkei

If you want to sell your flat, house or land in Turkey, we can help you find buyers quickly. At ELYSEE HOME, we sell properties in many cities in Turkey. Naturally, we will work with you on the valuation of your property and the trends in the property market where it is located.

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